Let’s Go Play! #01 — Let’s Not

July 10th, 2010


Ha. Ha. Boobs. How hilarious.


I had some hopes for this show as a fun comedy since BakaTest’s writer is coming right over to do that, but AIC Plus has dashed those hopes spectacularly. Well done, AIC. This was miserable from start to finish. Consistent art, but almost completely unanimated to the point of having almost a minute straight of watching someone use the most poorly designed chatroom ever made and a 30 second pan over a piece of sushi, and they wouldn’t give the crappy boob jokes a rest. Yes, breasts. I get it. Stop. Please. Kio is also the absolutely worst kind of oblivious milquetoast protagonist, who nearly sticks his face into Eris’ cleavage within 15 seconds of meeting her, then takes a sip of beer which results in him passing out and waking up over twelve hours later with a hangover. You have got to be kidding me.

In fact, how horribly everything is put together may end up being the strongest part of it. The only interesting things about this whole mess are Futaba and Manami, both girls apparently already in love with Kakazu for god only knows why, stalking him, and have an arsenal rivaling some dictators. I’m all for psychos with guns, mind you, but given that the one protagonist is too big of a pussy to even survive a sip of beer and the other is just blatant walking T&A, what’s the point? Speaking of her, Eris is boring and cliche as hell. The most interesting aspect of her is that her ass is apparently a stellar converter. I’m fairly certain that her breasts got more screentime than her anyway, and probably have a personality and archetype less completely ripped off from Onegai Teacher as well.

Bleh. This was just unpleasant all around. Cliche ridden with absolutely no creativity whatsoever, atrocious main characters, and the one female that didn’t spend most of her screentime displaying, squeezing, or swinging her breasts around had a 90 second still of her crotch for the ED. Stellar.

There wasn’t an OP for this episode, just the crotch-tacular ED. Also, I plan on covering Basara, but it airs at 1am by my time and Sekirei airs about 6 hours later. Something’s going to have to give.


Yes, this was seriously the next episode preview.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • zalkor says:

    Boob technology is just getting better and better :P

  • Jack Damn says:

    Ha. Ha. Boobs. How hilarious.

    Hah! Office LOL from me when I read that. :-D

  • Seinarukana says:

    I was kinda skeptic about this show myself. Your review is all the push I need for dropping this even before picking it up! Thanks.

  • sage says:

    and the other is just blatant walking T&A

    And what’s wrong with that!? Are you gay!?

    This show was amazing and you should feel bad for speaking ill of it. Best show evar of the season A+++ would watch again.

  • demonic apostle says:

    Eri should get a bra.

  • Anonymous says:

    oh boy, you make this show sound like it might match up to rosario vampire quality. maybe.

  • Anonymous says:

    screenshot 56: is that spam musubi?

  • Aex says:

    Well, I found this decent after they stopped zooming in on people breasts, and after that cliffhanger I’m gonna need to see episode 2 just to see if all these chicks besides Eris are really as insane as they come across as. It’s pretty bad when every woman in your life except the alien is lying to you for their own gain.

    Futaba/Momiji seems to like Kiyo, Eris is basically his cat now, and the other two show signs of being sociopaths who would just kill him if he got in the way of their goals. Hoping that makes for a better episode 2.