Occult Academy #01 — The Monster Mash

July 5th, 2010


I hear it was a graveyard smash.


Dammit, A-1. I was all ready and wound up to tear into this and you had to actually produce something pretty decent and amusing. Let’s start with the bad though just to get it out of my system. The direction’s the weakest part of this show by far and the writing’s not all that amazing either. They go out of the way to try to build up a dramatic scene of Maya’s father rising from the dead, and then spoil it by having a girl lose her glasses and grope around like a moron. Then, later, the same girl… now a zombie, loses her glasses and has to stop her undead rampage to find them… at which point Gothfatty tries to poke her in the glasses ineffectually with his dowsing sticks. Come on, here. Maya also seems to be made of and for nothing but fanservice, from the tip of her stocking clad feet to the top of her breast hugging dress.

On to the good then. Art and animation look great, far better than A-1’s previous two Anime no Chikara offerings. It’s still not the prettiest thing this season, but it does mostly look very good. I also loved the scene between Maya and her ‘father’ at the end, particularly the reveal of the illusion that the nice family room was actually a torture chamber. No big dramatic cut away or anything, the background just changed. An excellent trick for thrillers if you want to actually immerse the audience and get them to wonder if what they’re seeing is actually real. Her grandfather was obvious, but the second illusion on top of it is actually something unexpected that adds to the scene instead of being totally gratuitous.

So, I must begrudgingly admit that this was a very solid first episode. There are definitely rough edges here and there and we got a slight glimpse of the second main character and his shining penis at the end of the episode, so there does remain a lot of stuff to be filled in that could drag this down quicker than a historical lecture about atom bombs, but… well… you win this round, A-1.



Hello, thighs, hips, and bust.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kaisos says:

    An Anime no Chikara production that Aroduc likes?

    Must watch.

  • Senna says:

    This is the second time I’ve seen the “mothman” (assuming that’s what the flying thing in the opening is) featured in an anime — the first was Ghost Hound. Weird; have they had mothman sightings in Japan or something?

    The fanservice in the next episode does not seem promising to me, but I’ll probably give this show a look.

  • Sam says:

    It must hurt you to be so positive about a show huh? I was gonna check this out anyway, interesting you liked it.

  • Aex says:

    Liked the first episode! Very solid! Maya is friggen awesome, and some of her expressions were hilarious!! The show tried a little too hard to be funny at times, but only a little. You can tell this show isn’t taking itself that seriously. The ending was also great! Fantastic way to meet someone new right there!

    So ya, right now it reminds me of Mai-Hime, just hope that doesn’t mean the second half of the show is gonna suck.

  • Joule says:

    “we got a slight glimpse of the second main character and his shining penis at the end of the episode”

    More than that was the shadow of his penis while he was descending. Eden of the East’s blotted out penises aren’t much compared to this.

    It’s certainly a good start and has my attention.

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  • rushuna says:

    ….So, I must begrudgingly admit that this was a very solid first episode…..

    Agreed…This looks promising

  • Yue says:

    Probably THE FUNNIEST ANIME this season… HANDS DOWN!!
    I don’t know what I ate, maybe funny mushrooms.

    Whatever this show will throw at me, I’ll embrace it with all its DARK GLORY!!

    Come to me lightning, strike me twice!! Aaarghhh!! XD

  • Anonylol says:

    I came here looking for a screenshot of loli Maya smiling that hillarious smile.

    I am disappoint. :(

  • The Phantom says:

    This one took me by surprise, is one hell of a solid anime despite of such generic name, definitely looking forward to the next episode.