Shiki #01 — Vampires in the Rye

July 8th, 2010


Whine more, Pinky.

I tried to give Amagami another chance, I really did. But then it had to start with the loser angsting it up all night over being turned down followed by stumbling onto her sleeping and being reduced to a quivering sack of spineless putty all over again. And that was just the first two minutes.


The biggest failing of this show is that I hate about 95% of the characters in it so far. That’s actually one of its biggest strengths too though, since one of them is dead by the end of the episode. Since about 80% of the episode was devoted to the corpse whining about how she hated the village for not being cool though, it’s not really clear how this is going to develop from here. I’d hope that it doesn’t focus on the kid who was happy she was dead because now he didn’t have to close his window to stop her looking at him. Good lord, talk about a terrible tagline to the end of the episode. Every other character outside of the oblivious friend got about 60 seconds of screen time, so this wasn’t a particularly compelling episode.

They did a few neat things with the direction, particularly as Megumi was dying, but for the most part, I don’t think that the pastel color scheme matches well with the show being a mystery thriller. I don’t even want to talk about the cat/dog boy. Ugh. Why? The fat dog, silly beards, and inappropriate comic relief were not highlights of the direction either. If you want to go the silly route with vampires or demon butlers, fine, but don’t think that you can sell horror and slapstick at the same time. I’m not thrilled with the writing either, particularly the fact that there’s a giant castle just laying around in the middle of Japan, waiting for people to move into it… and this is presented as mundane. Aside from that, the production was solid enough though. Nowhere near the most impressive show of the season, but good looking enough in its own right.

All in all, I wasn’t really that impressed. It seems like it could get better or worse. It’s hard to really say when the majority of the episode was spent on a character that is (probably) dead by the end of it and was thoroughly unlikeable. Thursdays aren’t shaping up all that well though, so I’ll probably give it another glance next week, but… eh.

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19 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • xix says:

    u sound like an anime hater =.=;
    y r u still blogging lol if it annoys u so much?

  • Chen says:

    So that we don’t have to suffer. He’s like Jesus in that regard.

  • grunty says:

    To me the worst part about this was the character designs, especially for the males. I hate them. The episode itself was a good mystery story opener to me. v( ”)v

    Oh yea, the dog almost seems like a distant cousin of Densuke from Denno Coil…

  • Gin says:

    You are right about the characters. I disliked quite a few of the characters introduced, and the colour of quite a few people’s hair felt really out of place. I know in Higurashi we had our weird hair colour in the same setting, but I guess it was either the animation or just the shocking contrast which kind of bugged me. Well, I’ll give it another episode.
    I’m surprised you gave Amagami another go, it is seriously not your thing.

    • Aroduc says:

      It was the first of the Thursday shows to appear, and like I said… I barely made it a couple minutes before throwing in the towel for good.

  • Moogy says:

    First Kuroshitsuji II, now this? When did everyone get the memo to start ripping off Soukou no Strain?

    Hell, one of the “main” dudes dies in the first episode of HSOTD too. Killing off or removing characters in the first episode isn’t original or interesting anymore, guys.

  • Tokki says:

    I was actually a lil excited about this series but the character designs are a big turn off.: ( I’ll prob still check it out.

  • MisaoFan says:

    Amagami is a spin-off of Kimikiss, so you’re forced to watch.

  • Yue says:

    Replace the male lead with Shin from Hokuto no Ken. ^_~

  • kewlmyc says:

    Just watched it. I only liked the doctor and that was it. Megumi was a bitch, and the purple haired dude was a dick. I don’t care if she was a stalker, you should never be happy that a person died.

  • Solaris says:

    Lucky i didn’t read this before watching to the episode. You’d keep for yourself there was the whiny bitch dying by the end of the episode. You weren’t used to spoilers before. (or were you? :/)

    • Aroduc says:

      She’s in the OP for literally less than a second and the show began with them finding her seemingly lifeless body anyway. I assumed she was already dead then. It wasn’t really much of a surprise or twist.

  • Ozu says:

    The character designs and the art were some of the worst things about the manga, along with the huge, huge, /huge/ cast of characters. With the weird hair-colours added on top of that, it just looks… Silly. Takumi especially. You want to be able to take your sinister characters seriously, don’t you? But other than that, I think I’ll still watch it anyways, just because I did half-way enjoy the manga despite its faults.

  • Senna says:

    Buck-Tick opening = vampires.

    This show may be hard to take seriously with those hideous character designs.

  • The Phantom says:

    Hated the pink haired girl, but she died and thats a good sign, this anime seriously needs more violence and blood, it was a boring first episode but there is space for improvement so I’m sticking to it for a few more episodes at least.

  • ClearView says:

    I dont find the character designs that bad to be honest. What I hate is her friend with alive stuffed dog, she’s one of those annoying characters that you wouldn’t give a shit about even if the series was about her(I hope its not). This show doesn’t really explain whats the next episodes or the whole show in general is going to be about. We’ll just have to wait and see.