The Legend of the Legendary Heroes #04 — Stockholm Syndrome

July 22nd, 2010


Who jails the LORD OF ALL EVIL in their backyard?


This show is still having a few issues figuring out what it wants to be, but just like last episode finally got to the action the show promised, this episode nailed the comedy. The first half of the episode was Lyner going stir crazy by sitting in a cell for a year or two, taking a spider for a pet, and bonding with his jailer… who is holding Lyner captive in his backyard and apparently lets his daughter play with the spawn of Satan, mind you. The second half was mostly Ferris and Sion teasing Lyner before they finally get sent out on their quest under threat of a fate worse than death. Admittedly, Lyner did look like a hobo, but considering that all he had after sitting through two winters was a little stubble, I think that’s actually kind of impressive. Either that, or there is already some insane global warming going on in the kingdom of Roland.

Thinking back though, not too much happened in the way of plot for once. Lyner sat in a cell, sat in a cell, sat in a cell, met Ferris, got sent on Generic Fetch Quest #17. I would have liked to see Feris and her brother go at it (not like that, you sickos), just because I do appreciate the bloodthirsty crazies. Lyner against Ferris was a decent second place at least. He did seem a little underpowered and all too surprised that Ferris could take him without magic. Lyner’s report was also a tad heavy handed, particularly with the montage of all his dead friends while he states "War’s bad, mmkay?" but eh… at least this show finally appears like it’s getting on track after those first two less than stellar episodes.


Orphanages, killer lolis, more evil clowns.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sora says:

    Question!!! Did JCStaff completely forget that episode 1 left off with Ferris and Lyner running away from a golholm???

    • ewan says:

      JC Staff? maybe you mean Zexcs?

    • Aroduc says:

      I doubt that was meant as a cliffhanger. I’d imagine there’s at least one more episode to go (start of their adventure/concrete explaination of their quest) before they reach the timeframe of episode 1.

      • sora says:

        @ewan: opps my bad^^ thanks for the correction

        @ aroduc: thanks!!! I was really beginning to wonder if I missed something lol

  • q says:

    No fatality?

  • Aex says:

    Damnit, now I’m back to being interested in this show again! Forgot how funny Ferris and Lyner were together. Hope these kind of episodes continue.

  • The Phantom says:

    This gotta be the most amazing show of this season, I cant help but rewatch episode 3 over and over. And man ferris brother is a badass, what a way to behead someone, his only flaw is that the guy is pretty much in love with his sister duhhh! but whatever the guy is awesome.