Daibanchou -Big Bang Age- English Patch 1.00

September 15th, 2010

Aaaaaaaah… It feels good to be ‘done.’

Whew. Finally done with… well… in the grand spirit of my projects, almost everything. Aside from the excessively irritating work to modify the Chaos Mode banners (which nobody will probably play), there shouldn’t be anything left to do other than fix typos as people find them. At least, I hope. I was getting some really weird crashing issues when I remade the skills, but they seem to have cleared up now after I ran everything through an extra set of processing and checked half of them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

And I would be perfectly happy to never have to translate moaning ever again in my life. Oi. It mostly just reminded me how I tend to suffer through Japan and Alicesoft’s decision to cram sex into every oriface. Thank Zeus for the Ctrl button and its ability to let me play neat SRPGs or dice rolling games to appeal to my gambling side in relative peace.

1.00 Patch Downloads
Edit: Go here for the most recent versions with typo fixes etc.
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S1AOQKFT (please use this one if possible)

Sigh. Of course I’d find a persistent crashing error 20 minutes after posting while just screwing around. Fixing it now, but reprocessing and uploading will take a little time. The issue is that I was using an old OLLLD (1999, baby!) tool for working on the semi-transparent images and it interacts poorly with the more recent packer, but the errors aren’t consistent and I’ve only seen them so far with the Skill images (there are 38 in a row in the pack, so they probably accumulate). Simply reprocessing them through the more modern splitter/rejoiner fixes all the issues though… or at least has so far.

Should be fixed now. I hope. Oh god, I hope.


I’m sure that there are still typos, especially in the later Kaen and Sion events, as well as Hard/Chaos mode since they’ve been the least played-through thus far, but the script is quick and easy to update on the fly. Unfortunately, it’s also huge, which has killed more editors than I care to count. Go here for reporting any typos or errors you find as well as getting any up to date script changes.

Outside from the sexual escapades slowly eroding my soul, this was fun to work on, although I doubt that I’ll ever want to take on a project this large or complex ever again. BBA’s script is double the size of most VNs, triple the shorter ones, none of the scripts sorted in any meaningful way, and there’s probably at least 40 straight minutes of moaning. I did find plenty of events and scripts that I never knew existed though, not to mention an entire slew of dummied out scripts and events that were cut from the final game. It would have been neat to see Tomoka in a tank. Alas, it’s not meant to be.


So, anyway, go play and enjoy. Even with the highly useful in-game FAQ, it is a very challenging game but satisfying game. And look forward to the next in the Dai- series coming out early next year… this time in space. If you haven’t heard, they had to completely retool the engine from RTS to turn-based, so… big delays. I’m not sure whether to look forward to or dread a parody of the Galaxy Angels showing up there. Back to working on ML again now, although I also have another very short but neat project on the backburner that’s just waiting for someone to make the text inserter work correctly. I’m aiming for a Christmas-ish release for ML which works out to about 2.5k lines a week, which is easily doable, but with Civ5 out soon… who knows.

Oh, and if you haven’t, you should really go play Recettear and support the official localization of doujin games. Some of the Carpe Fulgur staff frequent the same forums as I do and we’ve talked plenty about random things, as well as made fun of MangaGamer for being jackasses about their apparent success thus far. I wish them all the best, even though I still say that Gunner’s Heart is a waaaaay better game. So what if the SkyGunner license is held by Atlus? Pshaw, I say. Pshaw.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a drink.


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52 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NightShadow2239 says:

    Nice dude! Congrats on finishing this project. I just really hope that it won’t end up like some of the other VN projects as of late. Companies like Minori have become really anal about localizations of some projects.

  • Joule says:

    Good job Aroduc. Your translations of moaning were impeccable. No more Sanae errors please.

  • STARSBarry says:

    great to see that the projects been done… but im getting an error with the rar when I finish, when i open it tells me “unexspected end to archive” and aprently upon extration the GA.ald file turns out to be corrupt.

    or is this just me?

    • Aroduc says:

      That generally means a corrupt download. It should be 227 mb.

      • STARSBarry says:

        hmm yeah this is odd iv tried firefox and IE to download says 227/228 using both links and IE it finishes but corrupts, on firefox it sticks on 227 and refuses to do anything if you cancel or pause and resume it says its corrupt…. weird il give it a go later but man was really looking forward to this

  • sage says:

    Congratulations, Aroduc. I’m really happy for your success.

  • Moogy says:

    I think Tokkyuu Tenshi is the best EGS game.

    Hey, Aroduc, let’s translate that and Chantelise and make our own company that will become a Steam sensation!

    …As long as we don’t have to translate いくつで売ろうかな to “Capitalism, ho.” That’s going a little too far, even for me.

  • Tief says:

    Mysteriously ran into the same problem as STARSBarry when downloading, but redownloading fixed it despite the original and the redownloaded copy being identical sizes. Weird.

    Now I’m running into some fun compatibility issues, I think. Windows 7, running System40 through AppLocale on Administrator, comes up with this: http://imgur.com/aCvbP.png

    After which, the Alicesoft logo plays, but the main menu never displays. Did some quick Google-fu, but the only hit I got never had their problem resolved.

    I’ve tried fiddling with the Start-up options, compatibility modes, and put a copy of datafile.dll into the main folder just in case it wasn’t finding it, but it didn’t work out.

    Any idea on what I can do next?

    • Tief says:

      Ha ha nevermind, I am a giant moron. I uninstalled, made sure I installed to a folder that was already created, and selected the folder from the browse option rather than type it in like I read someone did, and it worked for me. Then I extracted the English patch and it runs like a charm.

      Hopefully if someone else runs into this problem this will help them, though.

  • Spygat says:

    Excellent work as always Aroduc :D

    Looking forward to ML! :D

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  • Tanyon says:

    When i downloaded the file (from megaupload) my avast! antivirus detected the following:
    http://www34.megaupload.com/files/84278676077e28310ae9ce445ded8b2f/BBA%20English1.0.rar|>System40.exe [L] Win32:MalOb-AI [Cryp] (0)

    Anyone else have their virus scanner tripped by the file?

    • Semag says:

      My avast gave me the same error. I got the same virus reading from both this one and the patched text files

  • rincewind says:

    Niiiice!!! Having more Alicesoft stuff translated is GREAT!!! (Im hoping for some hero to translate some of the Softhouse Chara stuff too :P)

    And by the way, Recettear is awesome. I discover it in Steam a while ago, played the demo, and preordered the same day.
    Capitalism, ho!!

  • BaSF says:


  • Ryugan says:

    thanks ardouc it could be worst you could be traslating Beat blades haruka

  • Necsord says:

    Greatly appreciated, thanks for all the effort you put in this project. I believe it’ll be one of mine favorites right next to Sengoku Rance.

  • zer says:

    My Avast anti-virus picks up the system40.exe file as a virus!
    whats the deal?

    • Aroduc says:

      Couldn’t tell you guys. AntiVir says it’s clean. *shrug* However, Avast is a notoriously overly alarmist. It’s known for flagging any and all Norton processes as viruses.

  • wuhugm says:

    Great job guys

    just to make sure, is a patch supposed to be that big?

    200 mb patch is something I’d never encountered before

  • Moekou says:

    Thank you very much, Aroduc and everyone who worked on this! I absolutely love this game and like it even more than Rance!

  • TalismanTwelve says:

    Aroduc! We should play some Civ5 sometime! Love your site and the game translations you’ve done. Great work all around and thanks for sticking to it.

  • dude3991 says:

    Hi. I love the game, although I’m getting the persistent crashing which is really ****ing me over… >_>. Anyway to fix it, since I DLsd it after you posted the message on the error iirc. Also, great work and thanks!

  • miklokus says:

    is there a modded sav file

  • Komidol says:

    Good job on finishing this one Aroduc, I hope to contribute to the translating circle in the distant future myself. Your work is certainly inspiring.

  • NegativeZero says:

    I’ve taken the liberty of putting together an automated installer for this patch if you want it. Drops the downloadable size from ~230mb to about 16mb. Backs up the original files and patches the larger two with the updated data rather than distributing a replacement file. Also has an uninstaller to return everything back to its original state.

    Throw me a line if you’re interested and I’ll upload it somewhere for you and pass on the scripts and stuff if you want them to modify it.

    • wuhugm says:

      So that’s what makes it so big……

      A smaller one would be much appreciated

      though I had already tried the patch, so far so good, this game is so addictive :D

      I love this kind of tactical games

    • Aroduc says:

      The issue was that I already put out a makeshift patch with the graphical files before in the laziest manner possible (ie, wholesale replacement) and bazillions of versions of the script files. Even just using an unpacker/replace for the scripting files, I didn’t feel like doing version control across multiple versions of the graphics file and I’m continuing to update the textual files as typos/errors are found, so I just went with the laziest solution again since bandwidth is barely an issue for most. If it’s acceptable for WoW and similar to spew out 1 gb patches, I can get away with a little bit of laziness.

      I briefly considered a standalone executable, but decided that a little extra bandwidth and idiot-proof installation was less of a headache than version control.

      • NegativeZero says:

        No worries if you don’t need it. You can potentially set it up so that multiple versions of a file can be updated to the latest version with the one patch (and it’s only the two larger files that get patched anyway) but if you don’t think it’s worth it, then that’s fine.

        If you change your mind I’ve got the install script and so on sitting around if you want them. :)

  • Gyre says:

    I’ve come across some untranslated text.

    The conversation between Jeanne and Nidai shizuka( First time playing and turtle gameplay, meaning defensive and occasionally conquering a land).
    This happens around turn 69, when Holy Flame takes over NP.

  • Shuffleblade says:

    Thanks a lot for this, arigatou ne ^_^ Hope you’ll be spared from moaning hell in the future ;) congrats on the finish and good luck with ML. Oh and Recettear is indeed entertaining =)

  • wuhugm says:

    I’ve ascend to national chapter :D

    I can’t get some characters because some of them just conflicting each other, like those pervert teachers

    It’d be good if there’s some way to override this limitation

  • Cryst says:

    In the event which you recruit Comet-san, after chosing “Run away”, the game went back to Japanese. At the next turn, it changed back to English again.

  • billy lee says:

    i’m looking foward to this game
    hopefully there is no crash
    thank you for the translate

  • Helena says:

    I’m wondering if this is a bug from the patch or the game in general, but for some reason, the game stops after the first round in the first battle in hell.

    It’s my second playthrough and it didn’t happen last time. Might be something with the game itself probably, but doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • KarpeDiem says:

    I’m having problems playing the game on Windows 7 64 bit version. Whenever I go into combat, I select attack and after the attack animations finish, the characters freeze in place. I can still hear the music playing normally, but I can’t do anything else as my characters are just frozen in place.

    I’ve tried setting the compatibility to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2000 and haven’t gotten any good results.

  • Cryst says:

    The script when the Holy Flame take over NPI is mess up too. It wasn’t translate or the patch doesn’t run properly.

  • help says:

    i have extract the patch but it keeps onsaying something about DLL [SurfaceFactory] what does i mean?

  • forivar says:

    GZ dude , this is rly a great work. thx for this.
    but i have some problem with the game, i cant save now, any idea why?

  • karindra says:

    hey, i need your help…

    i had already downloaded your english patch (BBA English1.0)

    but when i run the game

    i got this weird text display problem


    how to solve this problem? thanks

  • Shawn Alcott says:

    Thanks very much. BBA is a good game.

  • Emperor says:

    I’d just like to say that I love you. Big Bang Age is an awesome game and I really appreciate this translation.

  • shawn alcott says:

    First thanks very much for the efforts to bring such a good game to us.
    I’m from China and relly appreciate this game. But regretfully most of Chinese can not understand Japanese. But after playing games of Alicesoft, sengouku rance etc, they became fans of Alicesoft. So I hope I can have a chance to translate this game to Chinese in my sparetime after it’s for sale so many years.
    If you can give me some help, like providing me with the cracked translated language packet, I’m grateful for your great help.
    Translating this game to Chinese is just a hope of me and this is just a personal behavior. I think I can do the translating and modify pictures and with other friends’ help to promise the programming. Thanks.

  • new says:

    can’t save the game!
    any advice?
    Thx in advance

  • new says:

    i downloaded the 1.9G big bang age twice and after I use applocale, can’t save the game.
    Please help