A Certain Magical Index 2 #01 — Claw Him in the EYES

October 8th, 2010


All arcs should end in eye-gouging.


Pretty much exactly what was expected, so there’s not a ton to say. Just a short one episode introuctory arc where Touma lists his power, someone who wasn’t even important enough to have a name tries to hack into Index’s library (must keep innuendos to a minimum…), and Sphinx continues to show that it’s the most magical being in the Index-iverse by continuously morphing to different sizes during the entire thing. Touma gets to hit all his high points, complaining about his luck, giving a valiant speech, making Misaka blush, etc etc. About the only thing they missed was Index gnawing on his spikey head.

A lot of the BGM from the first season returns, which is annoying, but at least the production continues to look decent. Worlds beyond Railgun at any rate. This episode was a bit disappointing on the action front, particularly because Juan Pedro Valliere de Sade simply gave up after Touma’s generic heroic speech about living life. Hopefully the upcoming Nuns on The Run arc will do better in that department. The important thing is that we’re moving right along. There was some crappy exposition about touching Index in her Dewey Decimal, but at least it was brief. We’ll see if JCStaff actually learned from the last season though or if they just wanted to keep this to a one episode arc and had to cut the magical expo.

Anyway, it seems about the same as before, and I did enjoy the first season for the most part. It had a couple rough arcs in the later going, but it was a decently solid action show. For all the crap people give it about its exposition, I find Jump action shows eight thousand times more insufferable.  I really wouldn’t suggest starting with this season, but it gives you pretty much all that you need to know in this episode plus a quick overview of the main characters with cameos for most of the rest of the tertiary cast. Fridays are packed, but at the moment, I’m more inclined to cover more than less. We’ll see if my sanity gives way before my drive.



Nuns and spinning maids.

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15 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    Forgot to mention the Archbishop, bro.

  • Chen says:

    Oh Touma, Kanzaki and chain smoking alcoholic little girl, how I missed you.

  • Honoo says:

    particularly because Juan Pedro Valliere de Sade simply gave up after Touma’s generic heroic speech about living life.

    Well, to be fair, he’s already too weakened to fight that defeating him is a non-issue, even Sphinx can do that. Which is why Touma (presumably) gave Sphinx to deliver the final blow.

  • Arabesque says:

    ”For all the crap people give it about its exposition”

    Now, I didn’t really mind it when they started going at it like the talkative Energizer Bunnies they are, but when the show started giving us close ups on random food and chairs as a better alternative, you knew something went wrong.

    Still, should make for a good action show.

  • Solaris says:

    >We’ll see if my sanity gives way before my drive.
    Wait do you really have some sanity left yet?
    If so, you aren’t blogging this, are you?

  • Mesousa says:

    Oh, hey, it’s Japan’s equivalent to Glee!

  • RaiKitsune says:

    All I need is Misaka Mikoto. Screw index she is super bland and annoying.

  • Shinji103 says:

    For that bit of the OP following the title, I couldn’t help but think

    “Wait; are we watching the Index 2 OP or Railgun 2 OP?”

  • Longhaul says:

    Did they cover ooma’s reason for going after index’s grimore? And dat volume 7 there at the end.

  • Aex says:

    Well that happened, and not a bad way to start off season 2!! Needs more Mikoto and tons more Kaori though. With those two around, I’ll probably forget that Index even exists! Kaori… *drool*

    And hey, what a surprise, Index is kidnapped next time! What are the odds? XD

  • Ker-bleh! says:

    My main issue with the exposition is when Touma spends three minutes flat out charging across a living room just so that we can hear whatever gibberish the characters want to vomit at us.

    Other than that and the weak arcs I thought the first season was a good show with the potential to be a great one.

  • The Phantom says:

    Biribiri blushing in this episode automatically makes this awesome.

    On the other hand index is as useless and as annoying as ever, cant she just go away? This anime should have been called certain imagine breaker instead.

  • Dante says:

    Go and watch Railgun instead fanboy. If you noted Mikoto in this episode was pointless just to make fanboys like you go squee!

  • Lero says:

    Thats how he was when K-on!! movie was announced.

    Oh boy! Kaori’s hips are a miracle of the universe.

    @Albedo: There is no such thing as Railgun anime, but there is a manga, an awesome one.

    P.S.: Robot Rider Maika returns.