Dragon Crisis! #10 — Wet Dog Smell

March 20th, 2011


Bad touch! Bad touch!

Oops. Sorry this is late. Too used to doing nothing on Sundays this season. Apparently episode 11 will be ‘airing’ tomorrow, at least on CR. Whatever yo.


So this is apparently what we’re going to be using as the drama for the final arc. Sapphie, the incompetent antagonist and supposed betrothed of Onyx rolls into town, teaches Rose about the dragon birds and bees, Ryuuji ends up ‘making her an adult’, which of course, Eriko being Eriko, she filmed for posterity’s sake. Apparently a dragon’s sigil is also an erogenous zone because kissing it makes Rose orgasm. Worst amateur porn video ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show now ended with her laying an egg. Frankly, I prefer Eye’s tail. Also, why the hell would you get Eye soaking wet and then not show her at all? You’re letting me down here, Deen. Badly.

Other than the above, not too much else happened. Sapphie showed up and got some people wet because she’s inept, and Misaki finally had the whole dragon/weredog thing revealed to her for reasons I don’t know. I’d rather she just disappear entirely. I’m really not sure what to make of Sapphie yet either, especially when she’s introduced this close to Onyx’s apparent return. I cannot imagine any kind of effective chemistry between the two of them given how much of a joke character she is, so all I can think she’ll do is undermine him as an antagonist, something that was already done by having him lose to stock footage in the third episode. I look more forward to seeing whatever crazy antics the idiot SWAT unit is up to this time. I hope it’ll involve pies.


Kidnapping little boys and little dragons.

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  • NightShadow2239 says:

    Hey they finally aired this! I hope Japan is doing alright though.

    • Aroduc says:

      I don’t even think they did technically air it. It’s not on any broadcast calendars that I could find. Just CR.

  • So the gaijins got this episode before the Nips?