A Channel #01 — Crotch Cam

April 7th, 2011


Lay off it already, Japan.


Gokumi’s really trying hard to emulate the KyoAni’s K-On aesthetic here, even to the point of the freakish looking stick figure limbs when characters go into the distance. They’ve even got the patented "Don’t show any panties, but keep the camera zoomed in on the inner thigh as much as possible" routine down to a T. What is it with the Japanese and camera positioning between girl’s legs? Actually, don’t answer that. Still, I think that they did an overall decent job with this for the most part. The music was really good through the whole thing and like many of these new studios, they’re actually mostly using the CG very effectively to subtly add small touches like cherry blossoms falling or non-robotic background people instead of a budget saving shortcut. It was still ugly and obtrusive in many places, but usually it worked well.

It’s still not a particularly interesting show though, and if you’re not already lapping up every single "girls look cute and do nothing" pre-packaged merchandising deals that Japan keeps barfing out, there’s not a whole ton here. The jokes aren’t annoying, but they aren’t particularly funny either, and I think we got Tohru attacking Breasty and then Run saying "Aren’t they getting along well?" at least four or five times. Plus, the inclusion of an insert song with a montage of the characters all going to school in the first episode was not an engaging use of time.

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad show overall. I laughed at every unsubtle crotch shot and didn’t really start getting bored until the tedious second half of sudden random melodrama, group hugs, and insert montages. There’s just nothing here that I haven’t already seen before, and while they’re executing it fairly well, I feel little urge to watch any more of it either. Even Hidamari has its hook of directorial creativity (ironically enough, given that it’s Shinbo). This just feels like yet more of the same, especially with about 10 other shows competing against it on Thursdays.

Speaking of which… Three down, four to go!



Wiis in the face of an underage girl: Class-A Felony.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • alex says:

    there are boys, that’s definitely not K-ON

  • Apathy says:

    Well, we’ve lived through Zombie guy’s magical girl striped panty crotch shots, almost anything else seems tamer/safer/destroyed our “standards” (Though we’ve lost some sanity and killed some brain cells along the way).

  • Dynellen says:

    This seemed to be the worst kind of 4-koma adaption, aka slow paced. In original material you get events and jokes in rapid pace, in here we get long (boring) displays of hallways and people walking…. Not to mention it felt like they had to take a little break after every sentence to stretch things out.