Abnormal Physiology Seminar #01 — Queen of the Flies

April 8th, 2011


No maggots in sex. Ever.


On the upside, they cut out a lot of the overt stuff that made the OVAs so unpleasantly raunchy, but on the downside, anything notable about this series went along with it. The whole thing was little more than pudgy talking heads with Nanako blushing or looking flustered. While I didn’t like what they were showing in the OVAs, at least they were showing it instead of just telling. The dialogue and content is nowhere near good enough to get away with that. It continues off of the OVAs too, of which I only watched the first episode. This was still barely anything at all compared to them though.

On a tangential note, is anybody else finding the fact that Xebec is correctly transliterating the names of their shows correctly while the English anime watching world butchers them? Because the proper transliteration for セミナ is apparently "Zeminar" and そふと is "Sofuto." Translation is apparently a one-way street. Once a word is written in katakana/hiragana, it automatically becomes gibberish instead of the original English. Great work, guys.

So… I guess the search for a Friday show in place of GOSICK continues. Suddenly, X-Men is looking better and better. And that’s still not good at all.


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One Lonely Comment

  • Chen says:

    You underestimate the perversion of Xebec. Search your feelings. You know it to be true.