A Bridge to the Starry Sky #01 — “You’ve Got a Small Dick”

April 10th, 2011


Now what, Porn Game Protaganist?


Man, talk about a half-assed, thrown together, poorly produced bunch of shameless porn game cliches. I know it’s Dogakobo, but they should still feel bad about tossing this out, malformed faces and all. Little did I know that the CG train and bus were going to possibly be the best looking things in the show. About the only bright part of the episode was the landlady, who after he ran into her naked, spent the entire rest of the episode making fun of his dick. These kind of thick-headed moron protagonists are of the breeder class anyway, not the thinker class, and if he doesn’t even have the goods for that, he’s completely screwed. Well, there is some joy to be had at the expense of his extremely effeminate brother.

I barely even want to dignify this by saying any more than that. It’s full of every bad harem cliche imaginable. The childhood friend he can’t quite remember, tripping and falling (and kissing!) a girl in the first 60 seconds of meeting her, the combative one, and Scrappy Doo. The entire focus is on Kazuma, but the only personality trait he manages to bring to bear is having no spine and a tiny penis. I’m being generous about the spine part too. He may actually be sucking in the spines from nearby other characters by having less than zero… Zero spines… Look! See what this show has done to my wordmancery?

Anyway, eminently skippable. This looks to be yet another in the Da Capo/Fortune Arterial/Myself;Yourself type of half-assed trashy throwaway porn game adaptations and SURPRISE, most of the staff has worked on at least one or more of those. Except the director. Who has been in charge of nothing before this. Fan-bloody-tastic.


Yeah. Share a giant crepe with your brother. That’s not mockable at all.

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Pretty cliched throughout, but the Inn Mistress is making give this show another try, if only to see her make fun of his dick and tease him with nyotaimori dinners.

  • GF202020 says:

    Seeing the two posts back to back I thought for a second You watched the second episode of a series first before the proper start.

    …and then a thought came to me.


    …at least it would make those series actually interesting.

  • Aex says:

    Hey now, Fortune Arterial was gold compared to Da Capo! I get more of a “Good Luck Ninomiya-kun” vibe here, especially since the girl with the pale-pink hair looks like Mayu’s clone. I know I shouldn’t judge like that, but come on! That’s not even recycling, that’s copy-and-pasting!

    Actually it’s kinda a blend of Fortune and Ninomiya, which is kinda scary. I’ll give it another episode.

  • Newprimus says:

    I hope they do Madoka’s route.

  • ewan says:

    under the bridge of a stormy innocent sky…

    not ninomiya, more like tayutama.(silver link’s first mistake)

  • Anonymous says:

    Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies.

  • Dem says:

    Holy shit, little brother route needs to be done

  • Hinano says:

    I’m watching it for the land lady!

  • The Phantom says:

    The monkey and the landlady making fun of mrsmalldick were by far the best part of this episode.

    I will continue watching this just in case the landlady decides to keep making fun of him, also they should add the monkey as a permanent character, definitely has more personality than mrsmalldick by far.

  • luka says:

    hmm… character design looks like tayutama
    anyways my favourite character is monkey

  • Anonymous says:

    “You’ve Got a Small Dick”

    So, what about you Aroduc? Are you confident about your wee-wee?