Sengoku Maidens #01 — Nobunaga vs Cellular Phones

April 4th, 2011


Ye lords was this… 22 minutes.


Good god. I’m not sure if it’s possible to create a more bland show. Everything about this reeks of pure distilled tepid mediocrity and laziness. Even the T&A. There’s the fanservice friendly bikinis and Nobunaga’s boobs (god that feels weird to write) occasionally bounce, but that’s all. They even zoom in on Hideyoshi’s Dumpling Head’s butt as she crawls around around and show her getting off the toilet while somehow avoiding even a slightly glimpse of her panties. It’s just bizarre. Why are we zoomed in on her butt? Why was it necessary to show her on the toilet? What the hell? I will admit that I laughed at the end though. After 22 minutes of putting me into a near coma, it ended with Dumpling Head Hidecchi meeting a talking dog wearing Masamune’s helmet. Then it launched into an ED that is so trippy that it gave me a contact high.

It’s hard to really say anything notable about it because it does bloody nothing notable. There’s at least something to talk about when shows do things badly. They made a crappy decision and it could have been improved in some way. This show barely even feels like it’s phoning it in… like it had a friend phone it in for them. It does completely recycle the intro scene… which wasn’t even good to begin with, so production is already poor verging to awful. The music is… okay I guess. It’s not really building itself as either a comedy or an adventure aside from about 30 seconds of them saying that Nobunaga’s out to gather some armor. Hell, I’m not sure what the hell it wants to do with itself. It leaves no impression whatsoever except that it has stolen 22 minutes of my life.

In short, thoroughly uninspired and really does absolutely nothing even worth noting. At least bad things are notably bad. This is just… completely bland. It’s like trying to review a saltine cracker… one that takes 22 minutes to eat.



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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Jack says:

    Laura Bodewig from “Infinite Stratos”?

    She must be moonlighting.

  • GF202020 says:

    …how the hell do her odango covers work anyways?

  • Anise_Punter says:

    “Nobunaga’s boobs (god that feels weird to write)”

    Felt just as weird to read.

    • chad001 says:

      The finisher: if you cut out the boobs, Nobunaga could still pass for a (Japanese) guy…

  • Ryugan Ric says:

    in the opening date masamune still looks hot

  • Anonymous says:

    …smells like shojo-ai…

  • Ubu Roi says:

    Was fast-forwarding by the break. Sigh. After such a great season comes such disappointment.

  • The Phantom says:

    Dropped this after the first few minutes, I dont like the characters, the plot is shit, the rest is not worth anything.

  • rincewind says:

    Well, I kinda liked it. Better than Infinite Stratos, for sure.