You’ve Been Summoned, Azazel #01 — Eating Strange Things

April 8th, 2011



Man, I must have been asleep at the wheel or drunk when it came to this and Abnormal Phys. They’re both 10 minute shows matched up with each other in the broadcast for one ‘normal’ thirty minute segment. But oh well, the search for a better less worse Friday show than GOSICK continues.


After most of Thursdays shows being pretty decent to good, and even the Bee Train ordeal to be amusingly horrible, this was just paltry moldy toast meh. It’s barely even worth my usual biting eloquence. The whole thing is extremely sophomoric, which is just the fancy way of saying that I feel like I’m watching a standard Jump comedy. We’re back to shouting in response to everything and while it does like to mess around with the visuals, most of it is just the artistic equivilent of shouting. A little subtlety is a good thing. Unlike Enma, this doesn’t have any jokes other than overstatement and excessive reactions.

Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same as the OVA. It’s not particularly well animated, I’ve already forgotten if the show even had music, which I guess means that it didn’t annoy me, and the entire style is right out of Jump’s early 90s playbook. I guess the search for a better Friday show continues.


The prince of hell.

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