Quiz Magic Academy OVA — Miracle Cure for Sleeplessness

September 13th, 2008


Take two and call me in the morning.


If you didn’t know, Quiz Magic Academy is a series of quiz games for various systems, most recently I believe the DS. The sum and total of my knowledge of this series is that, plus the fact that it contains characters named Serious and Malariya. I kind of wish that’s all I knew about it now.

It seems like just yesterday that I was complaining about how bad OVAs have become these days. Good to see that QMA isn’t bucking tradition at all. At around the seven minute mark, I began nervously checking the clock to see if I was finished yet. Sadly, I was only a quarter of the way through. It’s not like I even had my expectations set particularly high for a 26 minute one-and-done OVA based on what basically amounts to a video game quiz show, but… well… clearly I had them set a little bit too high. The most notable thing about this episode was its refusal to show panties. It flirted with them constantly, and had no problems shoving giant swaying breasts in your face every 30 seconds or so, but panties were apparently off limits.

Production values were alright. I guess a little bit above average, but certainly not noteworthy for an OVA, but on the other hand, there was some really embarrassing reuse of animation. They even used a montage for part of the OP. It’s kind of sad too, because the SD chibi parts were some of the most entertaining, though keep in mind, we’re talking "party of accountants" funny instead of "funeral procession" funny. There were a few chuckle-worthy moments, but pretty much all of those could be attributed towards Thanders (sic). Since he took up only maybe a minute or two, it wasn’t exactly an entertaining ride for the rest of the time.

So… yeah… I wouldn’t wish this one on anybody. It’s not offensively bad in any way, just excruciatingly boring with no real redeeming qualities. Think of it like having a sack of flour for dinner. It won’t kill you, but even plain toast is a vast improvement and doesn’t carry the risk of contracting worms. Maybe fans of the games who have any idea who these characters are will get a kick out of this, but this one is probably best left forgotten and unknown for the other 99.99% of the western world.

Edit: I didn’t notice it at first, but this has to be the most unfortunate cap that I’ve ever taken. Or fortunate, depending on your definition.



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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fang-tan says:

    This is out already? Wow! Well, kitty-Shalon is cute.

  • Sheba says:

    oh yah, I remember having some doujins of this license. I liked the big-boobed redhead. And yes, I am a monster for basing my liking on doujins.

  • jeffng9 says:

    never heard of this before but looks interesting

  • kearsie says:

    The game itself is fucking hard, and a waste of money.

  • Silver says:

    Haha, I thought it was quite entertaining.

  • Takarada says:

    The raw seems really interesting and funny.

    The character designs are nice and the animation is good.

    Pity nobody has subbed it