Doujin Work #12 — It’s Over… Thank Zeus

September 22nd, 2007

Hooray! It’s finished!

Final Thoughts:

Screw impressions for this episode. Doujin Work was plagued by a number of things. Mediocre art and animation that only got worse as the series continued, recycled jokes over and over and over again, and a gradual shift in focus from the strong characters of Tsuyuri and Justice to the boring as hell Nitou and Hoshi. The more it left Tsuyuri and Justice’s antics and the more it got into the more mundane nonsense about doujin making, the less engaging it was. I started having flashbacks to the insipid original Comic Party adaptation where Kazuki would do various things associated with the doujin world… and then ignore them all and produce trash so he could be sad that everybody hated his trash.

Anyway, the first few episodes of Doujin Work were entertaining enough, but that’s really all it had. It cut out a ton of the innuendo (in-your-endo) and every single one of the doujin world’s injokes. For example, Najimi wanted to draw a character, but couldn’t figure out how to get her ending… which of course ended up being poor Sacchin from Tsukihime. Isn’t it sad, Sacchin?

Anyway, diverging from the source isn’t a sin unto itself, but the problem is that instead of replacing it with similarly clever writing, they replaced it with the same jokes as they already used, just in different locations and with new characters. Tsuyuri’s teasing dropped off and Justice was almost nearly written out altogether. Talk about not playing to your strengths.

In the end, Doujin Work is pretty forgettable. After the initial couple episodes, you’ve seen pretty much all the best it has to offer. All that’s left is some yaoi jokes and awkwardly drawn fanservice. It’s a shame that the very funny manga got adapted as something this… well… bad… but such is life. Maybe next time.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fencedude says:

    I think that the entire budget of this series was less than the budget of one of StrikerS’ cheap episodes.

  • 0rion says:

    Heck, it was probably less than the budget for an episode of Hidamari Sketch. :P

  • totali says:

    I lol’d.