Koharu Biyori #01 — Chobits + Costume Fetishes = …

October 14th, 2007


Horrifying. Impressions:

You know, I didn’t really have my expectations all that high for what basically amounts to the unholy love child of Chobits and He Is My Master, but clearly, whatever bar I mentally prepared before watching this was well above where it should have been. The episode was nonstop tits, asses, and flimsy excuses to dress Yui up in as many different costumes as possible. There were parts that amused me… such as her awakening and homing in on a Da Capo Kotori figurine as her master… or just seeing the Futakoi figurines (there’s a shitload of figurines/cameos through the episode), and her just taking off her head to thwart Takaya but for the most part it was shameless and blatant nonstop T&A and almost all of the amusing parts happened in the first of the three ‘episodes.’

The basic premise is that an otaku/pervert with a liking for flat chested girls buys a robot maid to dress her up. She’s a bit more spirited and resistant than he expected, and the two almost immediately start fighting constantly with him basically costume raping her at every opportunity. The voice work is actually pretty decent, but only stands out because it sounds like Eri Kitamura is trying her hardest to imitate Chiwa Saito. The other production values are middle of the road, especially for an OVA. It looks decent, but nothing amazing. Music is fine, though I’d equate the start of the OP to releasing a swarm of hornets into your ear canal. I think only Sakura Saku is worse. It wasn’t all bad.

I like Yui, but she’s trapped in an awful premise and an even worse show. Maybe I just have a weakness for girls with big hair antenna. It would certainly explain my Ikki Tousen fandom in spite of all else it has done to me. Unless there’s been a hole in your heart ever since He Is My Master ended that other shows just cannot fill in any way, I would recommend stepping around this one and casually just forgetting that it exists. That’s my plan at any rate.

Koharu Biyori OP 

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  • *shrug* says:

    Small Wonder! …or maybe a less-perverted Dr. Slump.

  • Sniper says:

    Kinda looks good

  • thenightsshadow says:

    The OP, once again, proves how relevant the series is to me.


  • nanoha fan~ says:

    i dunno but this catches my interest ^^”
    i will see how thigns go from here

  • Boingo says:

    Haha, this show is awesome :D

  • Monkeybutter says:

    hehe it’s pretty cute ^-^