Our Condolences, Ninomiya-kun #10 — Where Is This Plot Coming From?

December 6th, 2007


Seriously. How does a show like this actually keep moving forward?


I am continually amazed that, aside from the awful ramen episode, this show continues to have a plot. They have every element here to just say "screw this crap, let’s throw away an episode on the girls squabbling over… a misunderstanding about shampoo… with Ninomiya caught in the middle," but they seem bound and determined to actually have a story and move it along. It’s simply delightful. I wish Shana kept things moving like this.

Have I mentioned yet how awesome Hosaka is? Between beating up ninjas and throwing Shinobu out of a helicopter, the dude is a champion. Forget Ninomiya, I want to see Hosaka’s life and adventures. He probably has an entire stable of succubi that he keeps at home just for his own personal entertainment. And unlike Onion-boy, he probably uses them for their intended purpose. Why don’t we see them? Because Hosaka knows how to keep business and personal life seperate. He’s just that great.

Anyway, aside from my mancrush on Hosaka, more revelations, a close to the Irori/Tasuku stuff (for now at least) and the start of what should hopefully be a fun evil Reika arc. Mayu actually scored a few points with me this episode by going back to being cheerful and an airhead instead of an emotional wreck, but (assuming that letter’s not forged by EVIL Reika), that doesn’t seem to have lasted. Reika still deserves Onion-boy way more than Mayu. What has she done for him? Sucked out his soul and traumatized them both. Reika’s the one that seems to always be picking up the pieces of Mayu’s screwups, past and present. Give the guy to the girl who doesn’t nearly kill him on a regular basis. Sheesh.

Preshow has Hinako waiting in the park for someone. She notices how large everybody’s breasts are as the queen of the giant breasts comes running up. Mayu brings a massive amount of food, then pigs out on ice cream as well. Even at the movie, Mayu naps while her breasts heave. Afterwards, Hinako loses it and yells at Mayu for her big breasts. Mayu just pats Hinako’s head.

Back to the real world, where succubi attack people in hot spring inns, we see Irori thanks Ninomiya for the meal again before leaving the rest to deal with him. Or in Mayu’s case, look like a stunned deer.

She flashes back to walking in on young Ninomiya having lunch with another girl. Later, they’re playing in a field and Ninomiya spooks them by chasing them around with a grasshopper. They watch the sun set together. Young Mayu opens her eyes as Ninomiya collapses on top of her. The other girl is immediately there and tries to shake Ninomiya awake, but he’s non-responsive. She collapses in tears while young Mayu realizes what happens and cries.

Back in the present, Mayu cries as she watches Reika have her attendants carry Ninomiya (now barely conscious) off. Reika spares a dismissive look towards Mayu, who is still gawping like an idiot.

The next day, the guys discuss their plans. Ninomiya thinks about what Irori did and wonders if she might be a succubus too. He thinks that must be it, but it’s strange… he’s felt that same drained feeling some time in the past. The guys cry for their troubled comrade and leave. Tasuku lurks behind a tree, again silently thinking about revenge.

Irori walks up behind him and asks about Mayu. He brushes her off, but she presses and tells him that he has to just go for it, like this. She trots over to Ninomiya and thanks him for the meal yesterday. She leans in close and flirts with him some more, to his distress.

Mayu is walking nearby, and Reika is also lurking in the bushes. She vows heavenly punishment on ‘that glasses girl.’ Tasuku intercepts Mayu and asks her if she’d like to accompany him. She looks over at Irori still getting in Ninomiya’s face, but then apologizes to Tasuku and runs over to Ninomiya. She grabs his hand and pulls him away from Irori.

Even Reika thinks that it’s a nice move, but then Mayu runs over to Reika’s hiding spot and pulls her out of the bushes to go along with them. Irori and Tasuku are left out.

Mayu drags the two along, to their confusion. She doesn’t do a particularly good job of explaining it, but says that she thinks the three of them should be together to have fun. They end up going around town, sampling foods, looking at statues, normal sightseeing things. Reika and Ninomiya are still confused, but they’re enjoying themselves and Mayu’s attempts to please anyway. Tasuku, like a true stalker, follows… along with his sister… both waiting for their chance. Hosaka and Shinobu likewise follow, a bit closer and a bit less menacingly.

The threesome hits up a shaved ice parlor and Mayu chows down. Talk about a glutton. Ninomiya realizes that Mayu has started calling him "Shungo-kun" instead of Ninomiya. He flashes back again to a similar situation and sees young Mayu and young Reika eating together with him.

In reality… there are ninja watching over them.

Back at the inn, the three dress up in Japanese formal wear. Mayu manages to strip Reika in all of three seconds. Shinobu snaps candid phots… and even pulls out the big camera for it.

Reika and Mayu soon trade it in for more ‘normal’ shrine maiden wear. Mayu doesn’t last long though, as there’s a flash of movement and her eyes go dim. She collapses in Reika’s arms, but comes to immediately. A tuft of her severed hair floats down and the two look up to see ninja on the ceiling, armed and dangerous. They tell her to not resist. Mayu is starstruck, but Reika grabs her and runs off. Shinobu sees the danger and goes to intercept.

Reika and Mayu pick up Ninomiya on the way out. As the three run through the village, Reika tells him that they’re after Mayu. None of them have any clue why. Mayu collapses, and Ninomiya puts her on his back. The ninja close in and attack, but Shinobu is there to deflect the blow and then carry off Reika. Hosaka leads them onward.

The guys and the girls watch the troupe, with ninjas in tow, run past and think that its some kind of strange event that might be interesting.

Hosaka eventually leads them to an open courtyard where they’re boxed in. The ninja part to let Tasuku through.

He finally gets to give his speech to Ninomiya that this is for his revenge. Ninomiya really can’t remember what happened 10 years ago though, which just pisses off Tasuku even more, so he orders the ninja to attack. Everybody defends themselves easily. Even Reika throws a ninja down and tells them not to underestimate her… before Mayu helplessly runs past while being chased.

Tasuku and Ninomiya square off. They trade a few blows before Tasuku finally lets it spill. Ninomiya finally remembers… Tasuku was one of the boys that beat up Ninomiya while Reika watched.

He jolts back to reality… to find the school mates all beating up the ninja as well. Even the older siblings show up to get in on it… Ryoko with a Magnum Blow. Ninomiya and Tasuku keep fighting one on one. Tasuku’s no match though. Reika tries to stop them, but Hosaka holds her back. Tasuku charges… but Irori’s voice stops him. He tells her to stay out of his way.

She leans in and kisses him. He stammers out that he thought that she liked Ninomiya.

The two stammer through Tasuku admitting that he liked her after all and always felt that her seeing him after young Ninomiya beat him up was something unforgiveable. She tells him to hold her close. He hugs her and the two kiss… maybe. His head is at her forehead level. It’s a little hard to tell what exactly is going on there. Either he has a face full of forehead and she’s got her mouth in his neck or… man… there isn’t an ‘or.’ It’s just confusing.

Everybody is happy that it’s over, Mayu thought it was fun, and Hinako starts ragging on Ninomiya. Business as usual.

On the way home, Reika and her entourage enjoy the sunset in their copter. She’s happy that things worked out like that.

Reika hears a voice, asking her if that’s really okay. She collapses… and then her eyes open, blood red and glowing. She turns backwards to Shinobu and grins menacingly. Hosaka apologizes to Shinobu and then pushes her out of the helicopter.

Back at the Ninomiya ranch, he wakes up ready to go to school. He thumbs through the paper, and sees that his sister and Mayu’s brother are now missing. He thinks it’s a mistake, but then special forces burst in and surround him. He’s arrested by force.

Mayu’s room is empty, with a note saying "Goodbye."

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Shinji103 says:

    WOAH! Evil Reika, missing characters, and Special Forces arresting? Indeed, how do they keep the plot moving in a series like this? :D

    And for the first few lines of your impressions part there, I thought you were bashing the episode, lol.

  • Gummi says:

    Wait Mayu just suddenly disappeard? at the end leaving a note good bye? or was it that his sister and her brother left the not saying good bye to them? both or did they just take Mayu and run off saying good bye? If thats so I really hate his sister she is so selfish and dosent really care about him not even if he gets a bullet in the chest.

  • Totali says:

    Fighting anime sux. Love comedies rox! \o/

  • Aexile says:

    Wait.. why does it feel like the end-part is starting up? For some reason I thought this was a 26-episode deal.. dunno why >.<

    Anyways, can’t wait for this episode!!

  • Hidden says:

    Is it me, or did Irori say that she likes her brother and is having a sexual relationship with him?