Banjou no Shite II #20 — What’s a Shana?

February 28th, 2008


All Wilhelmina, all the time.


Awesome, awesome episode. The whole thing was basically one long fight between Wilhelmina and Sabrac. Now here’s a dangerous Crimson Denizen. Sure, I think his voice could have probably used some work… he just comes off as very very deadpan instead of arrogant or even bored with Wilhelmina’s antics. I’d also like to point out that Sabrac’s first real attack was to cut off his own arm and then explode it. It doesn’t get much more badass that that. I don’t care if you’re only going to be around for a few episodes Sabrac, you’ve already won my heart.

This was probably also the first time that we’ve really seen Wilhelmina totally cut loose. Her little skirmishes in the first season with Bel Peol all combined were maybe about half as much action as she had here. Girl’s got it all going, offense, defense, drills that (don’t) pierce the heavens Sabracs. I’d rip out parts, but honestly, this episode was just simply chock full of greatness.

And the best part? The fight’s still going on next week. Alright, the preview was just a show case of "flame hazes flying around town," but at least the barrier’s still up, and there wasn’t a single shot of Eita, Ogata or the frogs. Wait… wrong JCStaff show. Anyway, rock on, Wilhelmina. I hope you don’t get stabbed through the gut by an ally at any point. :shifty eyes:


Yuji thinks it’s a little strange and alerts Shana. Just then, the red flames erupt and attack the Hazes. Shana and Wilhelmina manage to block them at the last second.

Margery and Satou reach their little model of the city to find it surrounded by a ring of fire.

The red flame torrents upwards.

Yuji wakes up alone and looks around. A sword flies out of nowhere and stabs him, but there’s a talisman at the point protecting Yuji (looks like Margery’s/Blutsauger’s?). A Denizen appears holding the sword. The talisman explodes into the red flame and knocks Yuji backwards.

Wilhelmina identifies the Crimson Lord, Sabrac. She attacks, but Sabrac leaps away. Wilhelmina pulls Yuji to safety. Sabrac falls back and hurls insults at Wilhelmina. She moves forward, and attacks. She manages to rope his sword and pull him upward, but he tells her it’s useless and slashes off his arm. It spirals upwards, but Wilhelmina dodges. It then explodes above her, sending shrapnel all over the area.

Yuji ducks and covers, and Sabrac regenerates his arm into another blade. He releases his energy upwards again and rides the flame up. Wilhelmina tries to attack, but he slashes all her ribbons up when they get close. He moves towards Yuji, but is forced backwards again by Wilhelmina.

The two start fighting again, but neither is able to land a direct hit. Sabrac throws his cloak aside at one point and just lets the energy pour out of his as an attack.

Wilhelmina falls back and Yuji notices that her wounds are starting to bleed through her bandages. She explains to Yuji that the wounds inflicted by Sabrac are not normal and will keep getting worse. Yuji finally realizes that she was hurt because she protected him. Sabrac and Wilhelmina stare eachother down again. Yuji finally wonders what happened to Shana. He can feel her presence though, so is happy that she’s not dead at least.

Margery and Satou are ducking and covering, but Margery is knocked out. Their building has been totally wrecked. Marco gives Satou instructions, but Margery starts to wake up on her own. Margery recognizes the flame as Sabrac’s.

Satou asks about Shana, Yuji and Wilhelmina, but Margery’s injured too from Sabrac’s attack and her wounds are also spreading.

Kazumi wanders the streets, wondering if she should use Pheles’ cross. I’m thankful for the flashbacks and break because it gives me a chance to eat my sandwich.

And write that.

Kazumi finally stumbles across an unconscious Shana.

Wilhelmina explains the facts of life to Yuji. The last time she fought, she was with Pheles and Johan. All three of them were nearly killed, plus a reminder that Sabrac was the one that corrupted the Reiji Maigo. She explains about his nature and that because of the stigma he inflicts, he can afford to be patient and let the fight drag on and have his opponents bleed to death.

Yuji gets all uppity and wants to take the fight to Sabrac, but Wilhelmina grabs him and leaps away just before Sabrac levels the place. Wilhelmina tries to keep running. Yuji feels something strange from a nearby drainpipe. I wish I was joking.


Kazumi finishes bandaging up Shana. Kazumi is worried about Yuji… but Shana tells her that she can feel that Yuji’s fine. Wilhelmina won’t let anything happen to her. The two smile at eachother, but Shana’s injury worsens and starts bleeding through the bandages.

Wilhelmina keeps running away as Sabrac chases them with a river of flame. He tries to work out a plan with Wilhelmina, including meeting up with Shana and Margery, but Wilhelmina thinks they need to buy time for them.

Sabrac starts getting closer, so Wilhelmina attacks again. Sabrac dodges easily and nearly closes the distance. Wilhelmina throws up a shield, which Sabrac busts through and then uses a giant ribbon drill to attack him head on. He blocks it, but is thrown into a building. It’s not enough enough to hurt him though and he walks out unharmed.

He taunts them some more. Yuji looks at his hand and remembers back to Blutsaugering the Zarovee.

Satou finishes bandaging up Margery. She orders him to report to Outlaw if anything happens.

Sabrac continues chasing Wilhelmina and Yuji. She turns a corner out of his sight, and he wonders what her plan is. He turns the corner and finds the alleyway full of her ribbons. She pulls the two buildings together and crushes him, then sends down a huge blast of energy.

As the smoke clears, Sabrac’s red flame blasts upwards again. Wilhelmina can’t believe that he’s unharmed. Sabrac gives yet another "this is useless" speech. Wilhelmina tries to tell him to stand down, but he’s clearly after the Reiji Maigo. The fight begins again. Sabrac slices up Wilhelmina’s ribbons, but this time, they charge and then erupt.

On the ground, a tiny piece of Sabrac’s cloak stretches and reforms into the whole being. Unless they destroy all of him, it’s useless. He shoots energy up through the ground, destroying people and buildings and Yuji falls out of Wilhelmina’s ribbons. Sabrac catches him… but then Yuji turns into ribbons in Sabracs arms. The ribbons become seals and then it explodes.

Yuji runs through the storm pipe on his own, thinking about everything that Wilhelmina told him. He trips, but pulls himself up and looks back, still thinking about Wilhelmina and Sabrac stabbing him.

Wilhelmina floats in the air, her back now completely covered in her blood. Sabrac appears out of the smoke again and draws his swords. Sabrac leaps upwards to finish Wilhelmina.


What happened to all the bandages?

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  • Calawain says:

    Looks delicious….

  • totali says:

    Jerk. I can hear Zelda calling my name. “Totali save me~ save me~”

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  • Haesslich says:

    Now THIS is the type of show I was hoping for… 20 episodes ago.

    Pity it came this late.

  • Avisch says:

    I’m interested in Sabrac’s voice.

    Also you mention that Sabrac is a Crimson Lord. IS that right? Cause it would be pretty cool.

    And doesn’t everyone love the titles in Shana?
    Banjou no Shite, Saiho, Kieki no Sui. Their so funny and cool at the same time.

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  • aNgELcRoSs37 says:

    coolest assassin i had ever seen,
    didn’t expected that i can see one at this kind of anime, i thought Iruga of Ragnarok the Animation was cool enough! beat that, Sabrac Owns!!!