Absolutely Lovely Children #07 — ECCCCCCCCCM

May 18th, 2008


ESP Counter Counter Counter Counter Counter Counter Counter Counter Counter Measures.


Whoa, a pretty serious episode of ZKC. Can’t say I didn’t like it though. Shiho was more of a mischievous little telepathic imp than usual, reading everybody’s thoughts and getting them into trouble. Overall, the themes were still more or less the same and it was a little goofy even during the torture stuff, but Kaoru really did look downright deranged as she was crushing the terrorist leader. Shiho’s little rant at their captors was also a nice touch to show the darker side that the Children are developing in response to all the anti-esper drama.

I’m fine with the whole ECM deal too, though I kind of tuned out during the various explainations about them. I mean, normal ECM (Electronic, not ESP) have all sorts of measures, counter measures, offensive uses, defensive uses etc etc etc. The magic achilles heel has been around since episode 1 anyway in the form of limiters. I will admit that I’m having a few StrikerS flashbacks here, but I did like StrikerS. I have no problems with power levels when they just put them out there and that’s that. They’re level 7. That’s it. We don’t care beyond that. None of this "his soul resonance is off the charts, and here’s somebody else to tell us what that means, and then an explaination of how you counter a resonating BLAH BLAH BLAH" not that I’m fed up with and stopped watching Soul Eater out of annoyance or anything.

I’m excited for next week too as it looks like Kyosuke will finally take center stage and start putting together PANDRA, his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Espers. Muscle Okama’s return should also be fun, but it looks like Squirrelboy will be breaking him out of jail more than anything else. Direction and some actual serious villains to fight though? I’m down with that. A bit curious as to what powers Kyosuke has and which belong to the squirrel as we’ve seen him use psychokinesis, teleportation, matter deconstruction and telepathy so far. A jack of all trades could be nice, or maybe he’s a Sylar. Now that’d be fun.

Brief Summary:

During training, the Chief unveils the new ECM, ESP Counter Measure device capable of dampening psionics in all forms over a relatively large radius. The girls are a bit stunned by it and not happy in the slightest with Minamoto or the Chief. However, as they’re discussing it, an emergency call comes in. There are a pair of drunken espers brawling with electricity in the streets. They’re specced at level 4, so off come the limiters and Kaoru levels them both… except one of them isn’t an esper, just simulating the powers via gadgetry. It was all a setup by the anti-esper group, the Normals, who now have an ECM of their own. The girls and Minamoto (and the pilot!) are held at gunpoint and taken.

At an abandoned warehouse, Minamoto is beaten repeatedly to try to get him to tell them the password into his computer so they get all the special esper information. He’s resolute, even when beaten by ‘Normal’ housewives with morning stars. The girls are in another room, and aren’t really certain what to do, but think that they might be able to take advantage of the Normals underestimating them. Two of the Normals come in and Kaoru immediately attack, but gets slapped aside and knocked out. Shiho goes into dark goddess mode for a bit before Aoi defuses the situation and they cart Kaoru off to Minamoto’s room.

Once there, they threaten her, and Minamoto relents. The password is "Save the Children." They put it in, but the screen goes red and the Esper Counter Counter Measures activate. Kaoru blows everybody away, and they meet up with the others, but they’ve only got a fraction of their powers and not for long as the laptop’s battery is getting drained extremely fast. The Normals pin them down with gunfire. They take refuge behind the ECM device as the ECCM runs out. Kyosuke and Mio watch from a nearby building.

The head Normal corners them and shoots at Kaoru. Minamoto pulls her behind him at the last second, but with the bullet heading right for him, Kaoru goes berserk. The energy explodes out of her, destroying the ECM and the entire building. She picks up the head Normal and starts crushing him until Minamoto’s yelling finally calms her down. She lets him go as the BABEL forces arrive and then leaps into Minamoto’s arms in tears.


Kyosuke introduces himself to BABEL and the return of Muscle Okama. The birth of PANDRA.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sterling01 says:

    Wow… they’re putting Kyosuke’s introduction first?

  • Nemo_N says:

    Not as serious as I expected it to be, but it worked alright.

    BTW, the squirrel’s name is Momotarou; Mio should appear later on. I suppose the Rie Kugimiya thing is to blame.