Mission-E #01 — Nice Can, Batman

July 8th, 2008


Mmmm catsuit and electricity.


Well, let’s get the bad out of the way first. The noseless faces still frighten me terribly, the voice acting may have been appropriate for a doe-eyed "learn to cope with your powers" show but they’re horrible as hell for super hero sentai, and I never got past episode one of Code-E so just watching this feels like I’m doing something wrong.

All that said, this was a pretty awesome first episode. In sheer action, I’d put it a notch or two below Birdy, but with far far fewer technical mistakes. It’s been a long long time since we had a real supergirl cop sentai show (man, was Burn Up Scramble really the most recent one?) and I have to admit that I’ve got a weak spot for them. Hell, Mission-E even has the obligatory big-band/jazz OP and soundtrack down. Except for the bright colors and style, it’s a minor timewarp back to the mid 90s. Maori’s (I think… don’t quote me on that name) Rally-esque hair certainly helps matters along. In my book though, it’s damn hard to go wrong with electrical girls in power suits fighting with MiB. It’s a perfect formula for fun and I’m glad that Deen didn’t really screw it up. Hell, just backhanding the door with an electric tonfa to electrocute the guy inside with a gun was worth points for me. Her nervous idle fiddling with etherlite is extra points on top of that.

There wasn’t a ton of plot in this episode aside from introducing the new Type-E girl, Katsura, and the much older versions of the others plus, of course, the new Maori who is apparently some kind of ninja. Then they drag her off to their lesbian lovenest a hotel to tell them about themselves and their power suits and the organization trying to collect and control the Type-Es before the Foundation tracks them down and they escape by making an etherlite ramp and LEAPING over a bridge. Next episode shows yet more action from Maori, so I think I have to tune in, even if I barely get the whole Type-E thing in general.

Note that this actually airs on Mondays, the raw was just really slow, as raws tend to be on occasion.

Mission-E OP

Random Asskickery


Back to school and back to the streets.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Ravage says:

    When the hell did this show get all awesome-like?
    I remember dropping Code-E after 3 eps, so I’m kinda lost on the story as well.
    This looks fun though, I guess I’ll try it, dunno if I’ll watch the rest of Code-E for it though.

  • Stalker says:

    Wait, this is a sequel to Code-E? o_0
    That’s a suprise. Especially all the action there is (Code-E has no action at all).

  • Darco_emp says:

    I have to thank god to inspire me to watch Code E a month ago due to boredom, now it finally pays off xD.
    I’ll be following this if it keeps on going like this.

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  • octoberasian says:

    I’m so happy you’re blogging this. I think I’m one of the VERY FEW that actually enjoyed season 1. >_>;

    Chinami is actually a very adorable and likable character. I’m so glad they came out of a sequel with more action than the first. We get to see those Type-E powers put to use OTHER than make some device malfunction and have a heart attack. :-P

    I can’t wait for Ep. 2 now. ^_^)b

  • Anonym says:

    Ahaha I watched Season 1 while it was airing too ! Even though it was kinda slow, I liked it ahahaha !

    And I’m hoping to see Saihashi-san wearing a bodysuit, even though the chances are like, deep below underground where there’s no sunlight.

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  • What the fuck, are they voiced by CHIPMUNKS?