Magical Battle Arena — Complete Form

November 13th, 2009

Leaving aside the question of "What exactly does ‘Complete Form’ mean?" Looks like MBA’s getting another expansion for winter Comiket, adding StrikerS era Fate as well as a number of gameplay tweaks and modifications for netplay. Busy day for doujin game news. Although strangely, it appears that the MBA devs have split into two groups. One is still working on this, while the other is working on Elemental Battle Academy… which looks the same as MBA, just with all original characters.

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Comiket 75 — Magical Battle Arena Lyrical Expansion

December 30th, 2008


Well, I’m tremendously disappointed that the triple Nanoha/Hayate/Fate tech is just Hayate’s desperation Super, but eh… what can you do? I’ve only had a chance to barely muss around a little bit, but I’m heading out for dinner shortly, so I probably won’t get a chance to do much of anything with this for the rest of the night. They’re all pretty predictable though. Hayate is slow as snot with wide area attacks and mainly supported by her freezing/horribly animated stunning shots.

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Magical Battle Arena Expansion Promo: NanohaB, Vita, and Hayate

December 6th, 2008

Not too bad, though Vita and Hayate already look pretty similar to Ruru and Noyel respectively. Nanoha’s Striker form looks like a slower version of her with bigger… beam cannons, if you catch my drift. New maps and modes too, though I don’t think target shooting will hold my interest that long. The city scape could be an interesting map to play on though, assuming the hit detection/camera movement for the buildings doesn’t drive you insane.

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C74 – Magical Battle Arena Redux Ver. Ruru, Nowel, and Naga

August 17th, 2008

No clue why some people are having issues installing the patch. Everything went completely dandy for me. If you’re curious about the move in the video above where Ruru just sort of cowers, it’s a melee counter, but she just looks sad when nobody attacks her. After playing through Ruru’s story mode to unlock Nowel, I have to say that the battle royale on the last stage was pretty amazing. Since friendly fire hurts you (which I learned the hard way when Nanoha Starlight Breaker’d a Gadget Drone my Sakura was fighting), I hung back and just watched all the lasers flying through the air. I’m pretty sure I saw a Kirara Nova Bomb the Fate clone before Nanoha shot straight down to finishit off. Of course, then final-boss-permanent Overdrive Nowel showed up and killed everybody but me in a single rain of death. Thank goodness for friendly fire after all.

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C74 — Magical Battle Arena – Fate, Sakura, and Sarara Demonstration

August 16th, 2008


Ha. I had been wondering what The Mirror was going to do for Sakura. Apparently you get about 30 seconds as whoever you’re targeting. Silliness. Everybody else is unlockable (Ruru, Nowel) or downloadable (Lina, Naga, and Kukkuri). Sarara’s nowhere near as good as I was expecting her to be. She plays like a very very fat and slow Nanoha that covers up the entire area that you’d like to be able to see. Her Melee-Special is a little weird too. It forms the little options around her, and then you tap it again to fire them off one at a time. Fate’s not bad, but I think that the jacket change as one of her specials makes it a wasted slot. Sakura’s a pretty nice character. Pretty similar to Kirara, only with the ability to morph into other people, so at least you can be on even footing with them at any give time. Create could use some help though. It completely whiffed two out of the three times I used it. Her basic projectile yell is also irritating as all hell.

And the story mode where you fight Gadget Drones makes me laugh. They have severely beefed up the one on one AI too. These little girls can be vicious little tramps. I was highly HIGHLY amused during the Kirara/Sarara teamup battle against Nanoha/Fate in Kirara’s path though. I was exchanging shots with Nanoha, when suddenly a giant energy blast arced out of the sky and blasted her straight down into the ocean That kind of amusement doesn’t have a pricetag.

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Magical Battle Arena New Demo — Kirara

August 10th, 2008

Grab it here. 
Kirara plays pretty similarly to Nanoha, only a lot slower. Her melee special is the sword rush, ranged is just a charged version of her normal ranged (a very slow thrown bomb), and her shield special is an Ex-Shield. Her supers are a little wacky. Her single person super summons Sarara if it hits. Sarara shoots at the enemy, who dodges, and then Kirara shoots the enemy on the dodge. Her other super is the giant pentagram seen in previous promos which travels a short distance forward. She honestly seems a bit lackluster compared to Lina and Nanoha after three to four minutes of messing around with her, but I guess we’ll see. Her pentagram super does come out lightning fast compared to the Dragon Slave/Starlight Breaker though.

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Magical Battle Arena Extended Trailer

July 21st, 2008

Sick of hearing about MBA yet? Tough. The first 3 minutes are the same as the previous trailer, but then it goes through each of the ‘normal’ characters (ie, not Lina, Naga or Kukuri), lists their moveset, shows a couple of them, shows their overdrive transformation, and small parts of most of the supers are at the end. Whee. I wasn’t expecting there to be so many melee/’combo’ normal specials though (Sakura’s "The Fight") for example given that Lina and Nanoha both have none, but most of the other characters seem to have at least one.

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New Magical Battle Arena Trailer

July 16th, 2008

The important things here are that we get to see most of the new characters in action a bit more. No new characters here though. Fate looks like she could be a pretty vicious melee character given the huge arcs on her melee combos, and Nowell looks to be every bit of the Hayate clone as expected.

Due out at Comiket, along with Subterranean Animism and BMW Act 4 and god only knows what else.

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Magical Battle Arena — Nowell Takes the Stage

July 6th, 2008


Why does almost every single new doujin news post seem to be about Magical Battle Arena? Oh well. Another new and original character. Given how much of a knockoff of Nanoha she looks like, only with darkness based and wide area attacks, I have to wonder why they didn’t just use Hayate. Nice to see the roster still expanding though. A few more pics after the cut. Thanks again, Aers, for paying closer attention to Fly-System’s blog than I.

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Magical Battle Arena — A Drill To Pierce The Heavens

June 26th, 2008


Ha HA! Deception in advertising! I’m at a loss for words regardless.. Apparently it’s an original character named Ruru (get it, dorirururu… I think that just sprained my brain.) Why they didn’t just punt on it and use D4 Princess is beyond me, but allllllllllrighty. Maybe they realized how ridculously bad the show was, but then again, they’ve already got Kukuri in there, what’s a girl wearing a drill for a hat in comparison to that? More caps after the cut. Thanks again to Aers.

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